We Have Been in Your Shoes

At Triad Healthcare Recruiting, we understand the challenges along your journey to provide the best healthcare possible. We’ve been there. Our team includes U.S. Navy veterans with over 30 years of experience in healthcare management and direct hands-on patient care. We know you need healthcare providers who can hit the ground running with the compassion and experience to see patients on day one. Our process makes finding those people easier for you, allowing you to meet with only highly qualified candidates who have the skills your organization needs.

Why Choose Us?

At Triad Healthcare Recruiting, we can find professionals tailored to fit your unique needs. We can help you build a team that can turn every challenge into a success story, not only for your patients but also for your community and your organization.

Our Specialties

Why Choose Triad Healthcare Recruiting?

We know healthcare.

We know healthcare because we have been in your shoes; on the clinical side and in leadership positions.

Performance Together™

We listen to your vision, mission, values, goals and recruitment needs to deliver a customized service through our Performance Together™ recruitment model that aims to strengthen your organization long term.

Identifying talent faster.

Our T-mapping™ method makes us pioneers in identifying and delivering talent faster, better, and smarter than anyone else in the market.

We measure success.

Data matters. Therefore, we always measure our success. Our Placement Assurance™ program makes sure the candidates we place are thriving in your organization.

“Our focus has been to improve two aspects of recruiting for healthcare in particular: minimizing recruitment delivery time – from need to actual hire – and expand on the quality of candidates we provide for our clients to select and place. These two aspects are essential to meet the needs in this new era of healthcare.”

– Dharshan Jayasinghe, MS, MBA

Meet Our Leadership Team

Dharshan Jayasinghe, CEO of Triad Healthcare Recruiting, founded the company with one core mission: to deliver quality and high level recruitment services to the healthcare industry faster and better than anyone in the market. His drive is always to improve efficiencies and enable solutions that create better outcomes for patients. With their solution model Performance Together™ and unique T-Mapping™ method, Dharshan and his team are leading innovation within the healthcare recruitment industry.

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