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We recruit for all clinical leadership positions

At Triad Healthcare Recruiting, we know the value of effective governance and management within healthcare. We believe recruitment of clinical leadership is critical to achieve and sustain quality care and patient safety.

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At Triad Healthcare Recruiting, we can find professionals tailored to fit your unique needs. We can help you build a team that can turn every challenge into a success story, not only for your patients but also for your community and your organization.

Our Specialties

It is critical that each sector of a healthcare system can function as efficiently as possible, led by individuals with the right skill set and experience. Ensuring a high-quality organization that consistently provides high-quality, safe care requires the right clinical leadership. These leaders need to be able to work as a team with the administration, sharing their vision and commitment to improving outcomes.

We recruit for all clinical leadership positions:

  • Medical Director
  • Director of Advanced Practice Providers (All Specialties)
  • Director of Nursing (All Specialties)
  • Clinical Nurse Manager (All Specialties)
  • Director of Rehabilitation
  • Director of Admissions
  • Director of Quality
  • Director of Education
  • Director of Laboratory
  • Director of Pharmacy
  • Director of Medical Imaging
  • Director of Ambulatory Services (All Specialties)

Success Stories


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Please contact us if you are in need of clinical leaders or if you are a clinical leader looking for the organization that best suits your skill set.