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Hire right, or hire twice.

When you recruit leaders, they need to fit into your culture and fill gaps quickly. They must understand your mission, the bigger picture, and be quick on their feet to find solutions for everyday challenges. Triad Healthcare Recruiting helps you build a team that turns every challenge into a success story, not only for your patients but for your organization and your community.

How we can help you

We understand the critical role your leaders play every day. At Triad Healthcare Recruiting, we find professionals tailored to fit your unique needs. Our process enables us to target talent and evaluate and qualify candidates that have the right experience, skill set, and personality traits to make a difference quickly.

Success Stories

Administrative Leadership

Triad Healthcare Recruiting understands what it takes to run a healthcare facility. We recruit executive management and administrators who are highly efficient, knowledgeable and compassionate.

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Clinical Leadership

At Triad Healthcare Recruiting, we know the value of effective governance and management. Effective clinical leadership is critical to achieve and sustain quality care and patient safety.

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Healthcare Practitioners

A major focus of our work is to place healthcare practitioners into positions where they are best suited to provide quality care. We help our clients recruit physicians, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, and other key positions within the healthcare system.

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Performance Together™

Our recruitment process, Performance Together™, targets your specific needs and expedites project completion. Through our proprietary T-Mapping™ technology, we guarantee results 50% faster than our competition. In addition, our Placement Assurance™ program ensures the candidates we place are thriving in your organization.