A faster recruitment technology.

Our proprietary T-Mapping™ business intelligence technology allows us to contact over 20K candidates in under 24 hours utilizing a multi-channel approach. We use automated candidate response processing and screening tools that enable 24/7 operation – achieving unparalleled resource allocation for each project.

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Sentiment Map

Real-time sentiment analysis of candidate responses enables us to fine-tune the recruiting strategy on the fly.

Candidate Access

Our national candidate pool —updated daily— enables rapid deployment of recruiting projects. Coupled with our infrastructure, whether it is a local search or a national search, we have the ability to scale our outreach effortlessly.

Project Management

We develop a robust timeline for each project to maintain operational efficiency and on-time delivery. Our technical team is constantly refining our tools and processes to decrease recruiting project completion times.

Real-Time Activity Analysis

A thorough understanding of each recruiting project to the most granular level allows for swift action and fast, high quality results. Our clients also have access to the most cutting-edge business intelligence regarding their recruiting project.

Performance Together™

Our recruitment process, Performance Together™, targets your specific needs and expedites project completion. Through our proprietary T-Mapping™ technology, we guarantee results 50% faster than our competition. In addition, our Placement Assurance™ program ensures the candidates we place are thriving in your organization.