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Learn how our process and technology converge to produce results.

There can be challenges along the way, but together we can overcome them. What makes it easier is that we have been in your shoes and we understand your obstacles. Review our success stories and learn about our Performance Together™ recruitment model.

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Administrative Leadership

Triad Healthcare Recruiting understands what it takes to run a healthcare facility. We recruit executive management and administrators who are highly efficient, knowledgeable and compassionate.

High Profile CEO Search For A Regional Power Play
In Search of a Growth Focused CEO
Ambitious CEO Satisfied
Topgrading a Leadership Team for a Hospital
Supporting A Major Change Initiative
Strategic Team in Place for Medical Billing Company

Clinical Leadership

At Triad Healthcare Recruiting, we know the value of effective governance and management within healthcare. We believe recruitment of clinical leadership is critical to achieve and sustain quality care and patient safety.

New Clinical Leadership in Place at Regional Hospital
Placement of an Executive Who Can Lead a Cardiothoracic Surgery Center
Medical Leadership for a Clinical & Operations Transformation Project

Healthcare Practitioners

A major focus of our work is to place healthcare practitioners into positions where they are best suited to provide quality care. We help our clients recruit physicians, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, and other key positions within the healthcare system.

Substantial Workforce Development for Health System
Primary Care RPO Project to Lead the Region
Emergency Medicine Program Boosted – RPO Project