Our Vision

Each day we are challenged on a global scale to meet the healthcare needs of humanity.

At 7am in the emergency room at a busy inner-city hospital in Detroit, Michigan a shift change is occurring. At the same time, an oncology team changes shift in Buffalo, New York, and an operating room is set up to commence surgery in a rural hospital in Hays, Kansas. Across the globe, thousands of miles away in Pune, India, a small medical clinic prepares for emergency pediatric surgery. In Negombo, Sri Lanka, a primary care clinic gets ready to deal with a dengue fever outbreak in the community.

In each of these situations, the concerns are the same…do you have the right people on your team to assess and treat the patients? Do you have the right medications and equipment to carry out the treatment plan? Is your medical facility safe and adequate for providing care? No matter where we look, it’s clear that we are struggling to provide quality healthcare to our world’s population.

Our vision at Triad Healthcare Recruiting is to solve the global healthcare crisis. We believe that everyone deserves great healthcare, no matter where they live or who they are.

Yes, this is an ambitious vision, and we know that we cannot accomplish this goal alone. We are inviting you to join our cause and help us meet the healthcare challenges our neighborhoods, our cities, our nation, and our world face today. Many organizations, incredible individuals and families have joined our cause.

Through collaboration, we have raised over $5 million in the past five years to help build medical facilities, purchase equipment, advance medical research, and train medical staff to enhance the quality of care they provide to patient populations.

In an effort to solve the healthcare industry talent crisis, the ownership at Triad Healthcare Recruiting has set aside an additional $1 million for the ASCEND academic scholarship for passionate and committed health professions students.

We are confident that we can make a meaningful impact on global healthcare problems through working together.

With over 50 academic partnerships across the United States, and close working relationships with many noteworthy health systems and research institutions, we are serious about our mission and what we do. We encourage you to join our partnership and work with us to solve healthcare industry related problems our nation faces every day.

Join us by attending Triad Healthcare Recruiting sponsored educational events. These events will enhance your knowledge of the healthcare industry while allowing you to collaborate in discussions that aim to solve complex issues in healthcare economics, and work together with us to improve accessibility, delivery, and quality of care at hospitals, clinics and physician practices. This is essential for building a better tomorrow, for us and generations to come. We invite you to set out on a journey of discovery and partnership that leads to action to improve our world.

– Dharshan Jayasinghe, MS, MBA

Chief Executive Officer

Social Responsibility

Uplifting others through our community initiatives gives us joy and motivates us to work even harder. We believe in community service; it is essential for building a better tomorrow, for us and generations to come.

Initiatives we support