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“You see it in the eyes of a child waiting to go into surgery; in the urgent conversation between a physician and a nurse practitioner running down the hallway of a hospital; in the worried eyes of an executive holding the hospital’s financial success in her hands; or in the body language of an administrator when he can’t fill a shift.

These are the times we know that we matter. For Patients. For Providers. For Leaders.

In healthcare, time is always urgent and the deadline has already passed. We know the quicker and more diligently we work at Triad Healthcare Recruiting, the better the patient outcomes. We are a part of your team with the goal of achieving Performance Together™.”

Better Leaders. Better Care.

– Dharshan Jayasinghe, MS, MBA

Chief Executive Officer

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“We understand the extreme challenge healthcare is facing. Our hearts are with all patients and the healthcare providers who serve them. We not only want to fulfill our mission of providing talent to healthcare organizations; our vision is larger. We want to play an active role in solving this healthcare challenge – recruiting talent to serve the growing need of caring for patients in a diverse world. Health professions students are the future of healthcare; that is why we have set aside $1 million to our ASCEND academic scholarship program and partnered with over 50 universities nationwide.”

– Shannon Jayasinghe


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“Research and technology plays an important role in solving the recruitment challenge. Technology creates new opportunities not only in locating talent, but in approaching new candidates. We developed our T-mapping™ technology to be more specific in our outreach and how we communicate with potential candidates. We know they live busy lives and that we need to reach them wherever they are, on their own terms.”

– Charith Nikahetiya

Head of Research and Operations

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“Our philosophy is simple… better candidates means better patient outcomes. Clinical recruitment demands providing organizations with healthcare professionals who deliver high quality, safe and compassionate care to the patient population. Our customers count on us to deliver candidates who meet this criteria, and we will not disappoint them.”

– Lori Ann Poore

Director of Clinical Recruitment and Military Programs

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