ASCEND Scholarship Program

In an effort to solve the healthcare industry talent crisis, Triad Academic Search has set aside $1 million for the ASCEND academic scholarship. This scholarship benefits passionate and committed health professions students. Our hope is to identify, coach, mentor, and develop the next generation of high-performing healthcare professionals. 

We sponsor distinguished speaker events featuring seasoned healthcare panels. Our goal is to improve student understanding of the current state of healthcare in the Western New York region. Discussing complex issues in healthcare economics today will strengthen tomorrow’s problem solvers. These events raise important questions and encourage critical thinking. How we can work together to improve accessibility, delivery, and quality of care at hospitals, clinics and physician practices? We believe in our emerging healthcare professionals, and encourage them to rise to the challenge. We recognize potential.

This is essential for building a better tomorrow, for us and generations to come. 

With over 50 academic partnerships across the United States, and close working relationships with many noteworthy health systems and research institutions, we are serious about our mission and what we do. We encourage you to join our partnership and work with us to solve healthcare industry related problems our nation faces every day.