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You see it in the eyes of a child waiting to go into surgery; in the urgent conversation between a physician and a nurse practitioner running down the hallway of a hospital; in the worried eyes of an executive holding the hospital’s financial success in her hands; or in the body language of an administrator when he can’t fill a shift.

These are the times we know that we matter. For Patients. For Providers. For Leaders.

In healthcare, time is always urgent and the deadline has already passed. We know the quicker and more diligently we work at Triad Healthcare Recruiting, the better the patient outcomes. We are a part of your team with the goal of achieving Performance Together™.

Better Leaders. Better Care.

– Dharshan Jayasinghe, MS, MBA

Chief Executive Officer

Dharshan Jayasinghe, CEO of Triad Healthcare Recruiting, founded the company with one core mission: to deliver quality and high level recruitment services to the healthcare industry faster and better than anyone in the market. His drive is always to improve efficiencies and enable solutions that create better outcomes for patients. With their solution model Performance Together™ and unique T-Mapping™ method, Dharshan and his team are leading innovation within the healthcare recruitment industry.

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